5 honeymoon vacation destinations to visit

Congratulations on (almost) getting married to the love of your life! After the exchange of vows and the hectic wedding ceremony, what you would definitely be looking forward to is that one month (or much less) getaway with your life partner that is honeymoon. Nothing makes a honeymoon more fun than where it is being celebrated. A couple celebrating their honeymoon at a wonderful beach with well-planned events is bound to have a better time than a couple who simply booked a hotel or a not-so-happening place.

Hence, newlyweds and lovers should endeavour to pick the perfect place to celebrate their honeymoon. We have, however, picked 5 of the best places to celebrate your honeymoon for you. Listed in no particular order below are 5 of the best honeymoon destinations for you and your better half.


  1. The Bellagio Hotel

While most people go to Las Vegas to elope, others go there to celebrate their honeymoon. The Bellagio Hotel located in Las Vegas provides the perfect setting for honeymooners with its wonderful accommodations, incredible and always bubbling nightlife (hello, its Las Vegas), a spa that is said to be of first-class status, and so many more. The Bellagio Hotel also has spectacularly magnificent gardens that provide the perfect setting for a perfect romantic evening stroll with your wife. A visit to Las Vegas is bound to be unforgettable, imagine what staying a month there with your wife or husband would be like.


  1. Walt Disney World

If you and your better half are both avid fans of Walt Disney and their fairy-tale movies where happily ever after is always a given, then you will certainly enjoy celebrating your honeymoon at Walt Disney World. This magical place offers lots of packages to honeymooners that covers things such as a wonderful time at a resort capped off with a trip to the Bahamas.

Every Prince Charming should make it a must to take his bride to the Walt Disney World for a truly wonderful and magical honeymoon.


  1. Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa

Virtually everyone knows or have at least heard tales or seen pictures of the tremendous place that is Bora Bora. Beautifully built on lagoon that is crystal blue in colour and a beach of powder white appearance, this resort and spa offers the perfect place for lovers to honeymoon with its bungalows that were erected just above the water and a state of art spa.

Lovers who decide to spend their honeymoon here are in for a real treat.


  1. Hyatt Regency Aruba Beach Resort and Casino

I remember hearing about Aruba in a movie (Legends of Tomorrow) and went to go check what it was about and you can be sure I was wowed. Between the both of us, it is actually my favourite destination on this list. Not as large as the others but that it is actually what makes it wonderful. Aruba is stocked with lots of restaurants, beaches, nightclubs and enough casinos if you’re feeling lucky. All these come together to make the Hyatt Regency Aruba Beach Resort and Casino one of the best places to spend your honeymoon.


  1. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

The Four seasons resort is another wonderful place to spend your honeymoon. It offers lots of things such as an ‘adults only’ pool, a rental car, a private dinner, daily breakfast, and so much more. Go to Hualalai with your better half and have lots of story to tell your friends and relatives when you come back.


That’s all she wrote. Planning your honeymoon should be a lot easier now with these destinations made available to you.


Some Elementary Science behind SCUBA driving

Also called autonomous diving, scuba diving is an interesting sport and art that can serve as recreation and at the same time be indispensable in an attempt to save human lives. Scuba diving is however deeply steeped in science- as is everything in the universe. Today, we will consider some of the really cool ways in which scientific laws make scuba diving possible. Hang on! Don’t get scared yet. We promise that there will be no equations or mathematical formulae and functions here. We will keep the science speak very simple. We may even slip in some humour. A little laughter doesn’t hurt anyone right? Our aim is to help you appreciate the physical principles guiding scuba diving.


May the forces be with you

Here’s the most interesting place to start from. When scuba divers (or anyone and anything) dive into a fluid like water. There are a couple of forces that act on them.

Gravity: The most commonly known one is gravity. The force that drags us all down. Gravity is what tends to make you sink and draw you down towards the bottom of a pool. The force of gravity is dependent on weight. The heavier a body is, the more likely it is to sink. Logically, your next question would be: “How do scuba divers not sink with the weight of the tank?” Check out the next force.

Buoyancy: Eureka! Does that word sound familiar? It was the exclamation made by the physicist Archimedes when he discovered the principle of buoyancy. Unlike gravity, buoyancy acts upwards with a force that equals the weight of the amount of fluid (water in this case) displaced. If the last sentence seemed a bit confusing, read it again. Okay, we’ll try to make some sense of it now. If you throw a ball in a tub of water, some of the water will have to “shift” to allow the ball occupy some space right? Exactly! The amount of water that has to “shift” has a weight. The buoyant force is simply the weight of that “shifted water” pushing up on the ball. This is why balloons can float in air. The amount of air that got shifted for the balloon has enough weight to temporarily push it up in the air.

There are a couple of other forces that act on a scuba diver. But we’ll stop here for now about the forces and consider another scientific concept that influences scuba diving


Pressure is basically the amount of force per unit of area. Basically, it refers to the distribution of force over a given surface. Pressure is very important in scuba diving. The water exerts pressure on the scuba driver alongside the atmospheric pressure of air. For oxygen to be successfully contained in the tank, it has to be compressed to pressures that are often between 1500 and 3000 psi. You don’t want to breathe that high-pressure oxygen- your lungs would explode. The tank has a regulator that lowers the pressure to make it equal to the external pressure on your lungs from the water.

We hope we’ve been able to make scuba diving a little more interesting for you. From the scientific perspective at least.



Let’s be honest, some popular spots are so well known, it’s difficult to appreciate them any longer. They have moved toward becoming tedious constrained walks through swarms of visitors that execute the appeal or effortlessness of even the best goals. Thus, we’ve accumulated a rundown of the most underrated goals where explorers don’t need to stress over becoming involved with the rushing about of visitor movement and can pause for a minute to appreciate the scene. We’ve even likely named a couple you’ve never known about! In spite of the fact that, you better act speedy in light of the fact that there are notices to notice as some of these spots are starting to develop. What’s more, to a great extent untouched Yellowstone Stop is notwithstanding kicking things off and constructing inns! On the turn around end of this development, a positive pattern is rising, particularly among youthful voyagers, it includes an enthusiasm for supportable tourism, far from the ruinous ecological impressions of traveler guilty parties like immense journey ships. Furthermore, there are a lot of hotels with the best ventilation system that looks like it was done by spring hill fl ac repair. So here is the rundown of the top tourist spots in North America that merit more lovin’, regard and enthusiasm than they’re getting.


north america

San José is the more develop, refined kin of Cabo (Cape) San Lucas. The shorelines and sea is the same, quite recently the general population on them are maybe somewhat more established and significantly less hung over. It is joining the always developing pattern to having all the more ecologically mindful tourism with Verdure Cultivates, a resort with a natural garden in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Attempt the Ranch Julep made with crisp watermelon juice. There is additionally a level of modernity to connect with the psyche and also the liver. Brilliant boutique inns, great eateries and craftsmanship displays exhibiting Mexico’s ideal. This place offers a delightful all-round get-away with an alternate much all the more fulfilling variant of the comprehensive.


north america

There is such a great amount to see and do in America’s seventh-biggest city, San Antonio. With more than 20 million individuals going to each year the visitor economy is blasting. Individuals rush to this city not exclusively to recollect Clash of the Alamo¬, however they do that as well, this really popular fight site totally dominates the city’s other UNESCO World Legacy Site, the San Antonio Missions National Recorded Stop with the vestiges of four Spanish mission houses of worship dating from the right on time to mid-nineteenth century. The Stream Walk is an unquestionable requirement and as of late grew 500% long to an entire 15 miles. It is commended in the nation’s melodic heart. The incredible blues player Robert Johnson recorded here. It is the “Guitar Town”, home of the immense artist lyricist Steve Earle and Lyle Lovett who sings of his adoration for his ‘San Antonio Young lady”.


north america

The time of 2015 is a solemn turning point for New Orleans. 10 years has gone since the demolition of Katrina. There will be dedications to pay tribute to the casualties, additionally much pride to show how far the city and its kin have skiped back. There are additional helpings of gumbo and jazz at the excellent fresh out of the plastic new setting of the General population’s Wellbeing New Orleans Jazz Showcase which was inherent devotion to the city’s most prominent accomplishment: the formation of jazz. The South Market has the resto/townhouse/boutique treatment, yet the city’s unmistakable identity perseveres. In this season of reflection, go somewhat more local, past the cooking prosaisms, a little couche-couche for breakfast, or attempt some solace nourishment like rice and beans and the aperitif called the official Mixed drink of New Orleans, the Sazerac, named for the cognac that is its base.


north america

The city calls itself “where the seas meet the mountains”. You can find every adventurous activities in here – mountain biking, kayaking, white water rafting, wind and kite surfing. It is an acclaimed goal for shake jumping on the 2000 foot Stawamus Boss mountain which towers 600m (very nearly 2000 ft) above Squamish, as the second tallest hunk of unsupported stone on the planet, after the Stone of Gibraltar. In any case, the latest expansion to draw in a portion of the millions who run to close-by Whistler is the Ocean to Sky Gondola that takes guests up 3000 feet in 10 minutes to a different system of high elevated trails to climb and snowshoe. The Gondolas site guarantees “amazing perspectives of the mountains and sea underneath”. That is a gross modest representation of the truth. Every year Squamish plays host to one of North America’s biggest conferences of bald eagles who hang out in Squamish amid the winter.


north america

Campeche has everything. It’s an UNESCO World legacy Site. Adjacent Mayan ruins maybe 3000 years of age and wilderness biosphere that is likewise proclaimed an UNESCO World Legacy site. Very much safeguarded Spanish pioneer models from the seventeenth century on, some of which have been transformed into enchanting inns. Also the colossal fish! However it remains generally surely understand skirted maybe for Yucatan’s hyper-prominent shorelines. The remnants of Calakmul, including the forcing five pyramids lie under the backwoods overhang abounding with monkeys and toucans. The Circumstances enchantingly guarantees guests “can encounter an isolation unimaginable at visitor stopped up Maya locales like Chichén Itzá”.


north america

Hold up let me get my glasses. I thought it said Cleveland. It’s in reality genuine! It’s no longer the ‘Error by the Lake’. The city has reconnected to the waterfront with the remodel of the distribution center locale, The Gordon Square Expressions region has a gaggle of spiffed up theaters – the stage kind. Waterfront stockrooms are being changed and the smooth geometric new home to the Gallery of Contemporary Craftsmanship is the tallness of complexity. One wouldn’t expect the notable image of Rust Belt decrease to have miles of climbing and biking trails, yet it does. Also, bear in mind the Lobby of Acclaim. Go Cavs.


north america

South Shoreline has turned into a definitive in North American chic –Heaps of celebs, fashioner inns and exquisite eateries. It is presently bigger and if at all conceivable, winding up noticeably more chic. They have contracted Norman Encourage and Rem Koolhaas, two of the world’s most prominent living planners, both champs of the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize of design, so this will be something to see. Architect monster Tommy Hilfiger purchased the memorable Workmanship Deco pearl, the Raleigh Lodging which has been well known since it opened in 1940. Did you hear that? It was the sound of a ton of coin being dropped. At the point when future archeologists discover the remnants, they will think it the Versailles of Florida Beg, the focal point of a general public committed to most importantly, prominent over utilization.


north america

It is all that you could need in a Caribbean getaway. Superlatives like “ideal” and “untainted” are frequently utilized. Jumpers adore the coral reefs and Holy person Margaret shoreline is one of the most pleasant on the planet. There’s not that much to really do on the little nation’s 32 islands, unless you’re one of the one for each penny who have private islands and concealed manors. There’s not that much riveting history, engineering of culture truly, aside from the one that lectures of delighted unwinding in an unthinkably lovely setting. Be that as it may, they shelled out a fourth of a billion dollars for another air terminal with direct flights to and from North America and Europe. May regard see it before every other person does.


north america

It’s the most established National Stop in the Unified States going back to 1872. A 500 room cabin is being modernized. A couple of “reasonable” hotels are opening making the home of Old Devoted a more welcome goal to invest more energy in. It is amazing to realize that the majority of the world’s springs are here. Inside the bounds of the obligation to secure and save this fortune, the Recreation center Administration is joining forces with nearby philanthropies to dependably open up the respected stop for both settlement and investigation. There are new climbing and biking trails. You can take your own particular snowmobile visit without precedent for over 10 years. Furthermore, veteran guests swear it is considerably more stupendous in winter.


north america

No genuinely. It’s an alternate approach to incorporate a city with a prevalent goal. Of course, there are well known things to see. The Freedom Chime, the Rough statue on the Library steps. In any case, there’s very little of the ‘greatest this-” or ‘most seasoned that-‘. It’s more about making an exceptionally captivating urban space. It’s an extremely decent, human inviting useful urban space with European suggestions. Which is stating a considerable measure for a city whose past commitments to American culture were cheddar steaks and the most famous games fans in the nation. There are free yoga classes on the Race Road Wharf in the home of hockey’s Wide Road Spooks. Fairmount Stop is the biggest city stop in the Assembled States, greater even than Focal Stop, and extremely runner/rollerblader/cycler agreeable. It must be said pockets of disgraceful neediness remain. In any case, urban communities on the planet without a lamentable imperfection are uncommon. An enlightened city to appreciate.



Rather than arranging yet another shoreline getaway, regard your bold side. North America’s snowcapped tops, rough bluffs, towering volcanoes and verdant woods are calling your name, and there’s no preferable time over the present to snatch your boots and hit the trails. In light of the assessments of voyagers and specialists, here are the best climbing goals over the landmass.


north america

In case you’re tingling to encounter the way of life of a Swiss skiing town, however would prefer not to fork over the money for a trans-Atlantic flight, consider Banff. On account of its area in the heart of the Canadian Rockies close to the southeastern fringe of Banff National Stop – Canada’s first national stop – taking treks here will diminish not just your flight time from the U.S. yet, additionally your costs (albeit just imperceptibly). Banff takes into account fearless adventurers who like to end the day in a decent lodging instead of roughing it at the campgrounds (however, there are a lot of those, as well). Open doors for experience flourish, so pick your game: Ski down Mount Norquay, climb to the monstrous, unattached limestone columns known as the Hoodoos, “scramble” up the substance of the Stoney Squaw Mountain or bicycle along Healy Stream. When you are depleted, withdraw to your comfortable (and warm) resort, and renew yourself with a strong aiding of buffalo meat.


north america

“Stupendous” doesn’t start to do this gulch equity. Measuring around 277 miles long, up to 18 miles in width and a mile profound, this gigantic gap in northern Arizona is genuinely a characteristic ponder. For six million years, the Terrific Gully has extended with the assistance of the powerful Colorado Stream, and for quite a long time, individuals from everywhere throughout the globe have headed out to look out over its red and orange magnificence. Overseen by the National Stop Benefit and formally assigned as an UNESCO World Legacy site, the Fabulous Gorge leaves its roughly 4.5 million guests for every year awestruck.

In any case, in case you’re looking for a disengaged escape to the unstoppable force of life, you ought to be readied: The Fantastic Gorge can be exceptionally swarmed. The South Edge — home to the Fantastic Gully Town and the well-worn Brilliant Blessed messenger Trail — is especially prominent for tourists and explorers. It is on this side you’ll locate the most luxuries. Be that as it may, for a genuine idealist encounter, make a beeline for the North Edge. This is the place for boondocks outdoors and no-nonsense climbing.


north america

One of California’s most imposing common scenes, Yosemite National Stop highlights almost 1,200 square miles of sheer amazement: towering waterfalls, centuries old Sequoia trees, overwhelming bluff appearances and the absolute most novel shake developments in the Assembled States. Be that as it may, regardless of its tremendous size, the vast majority of the traveler action happens inside a 7-square-mile zone of Yosemite Valley. Here you’ll discover the recreation center’s most celebrated points of interest – Half Arch and El Capitan – and in addition superb climbing trails through the normal landmarks. Indeed, even unpracticed explorers can appreciate Yosemite: Guided visits and climbing lessons are accessible from nearby enterprise suppliers. Simply don’t hope to experience it independent from anyone else. Like such a variety of other American visitor goals, group are the greatest obstructions to a pleasant Yosemite excursion – no less than 4 million individuals visit every year. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you go at the correct time (and begin your day somewhat sooner than common), The compelling force of nature’s miracles will uncover themselves to you in a phenomenal and tranquil way.


north america

With emotional pinnacles and perfect lakes, Yellowstone is an open air lover’s heaven. Colorful pools whirl around hot springs; verdant woods weave past broad glades; and unpredictable fountains dispatch surges of steaming water toward the sky. With so tremendously pristine normal excellence, it’s no big surprise everybody presumed John Colter (a scout for pioneers Lewis and Clark) was decorating when he initially depicted Yellowstone’s geothermal interests in 1807. These days, there’s probably the recreation center is without a doubt uncommon. While you cross the recreation center’s 3,000 or more square miles of mountains, gorge, springs and waterfalls, be set up to impart the trails to perpetual inhabitants like wild ox, elk and in some cases even grizzlies.


In spite of the fact that Yellowstone draws in around 3 million guests consistently, odds are — unless you spend your whole outing at Old Reliable — you won’t see quite a bit of them. Yellowstone’s 2.2 million sections of land crawl from the northwest corner of Wyoming into the edges of Idaho and Montana. It offers a lot of virgin and untouched region to explore. Cut out a day or two to take in the view at Yellowstone Lake and Mammoth Hot Springs. Be that as it may, spare some time for the trails through lesser-known areas, similar to the hot springs of the West Thumb Spring Bowl and the untamed natural life specking the Lewis Stream Channel and Dogshead Circle. While the sheer number of trails and natural life watching openings may appear to be overwhelming at in the first place, recollect that: You can simply return.